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Who are we?

Singing Unlimited is a female chorus that sings a cappella in four voices. Starting with a small group in 2013, we now consist of approx. 50 enthusiastic members of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. Our repertoire varies from contemporary pop music to moving film music and beautiful ballads.

Singing together is our passion!

As an a cappella chorus, we want to continuously improve ourselves. Good coaching, rehearsing and having lots of fun singing together help us with that. SU stands for high quality performances, both in singing and performance and we enjoy sharing our love for music with the public.


Singing Unlimited achieved the following successes with Anita Zengerink:

• 2022: Sixth place overall – SAI Regional Convention UK

• 2018: Second Place Mid-Size Choruses – SAI Regional Convention UK

• 2018: Winner Most Improved Chorus Award – SAI Regional Convention UK

• 2017: Winner Korenslag Bollenstreek

• 2016: Winner Most Improved Chorus Award – SAI Regional Convention UK

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Our Director - Anita Zengerink

The artistic direction of Singing Unlimited is in the hands of Anita Zengerink. She is a certified Musical Director (Sweet Adelines International).


The growth that SU is experiencing is certainly also due to the varied rehearsals, in which Anita as conductor teaches the members various barbershop techniques. She asks every chorus member to continue to develop themselves vocally and musically.


During rehearsals, Anita teaches the chorus to apply the techniques in such a way that the unique barbershop sound (creating a fifth overtone with four voices) can be heard in every song.


Anita: “I think it's important that the Chorus and Director have the same ambition, which is to convey the musical message. That's what the audience comes for!" As a Director she knows how to achieve that interaction in an inspiring way.


Tenors sing the highest part


As a Baritone you sing in between the sections


Leads usually sing the melody line


Basses sing the lowest notes and often the melody line

Our Music Staff

Our music staff ensures that the quality of the chorus continues to grow. They supervise the four singing sections, arrange education and coaching and are always ready to help our members.

From left to right:

– Anita Zengerink (Director)
– Anda van Stegeren (Assistant Director and Bass Sectional Leader)
– Jooske Hommes (Assistant Director IO and Tenor Sectional Leader)
– Danielle de Boer (Bass Sectional leader)
– Bernadette Bouchier (Tenor Sectional Leader)
– Ineke van Eden (Baritone Sectional Leader)
– Marjo Alers (Lead Sectional Leader)
– Karen Kool (Baritone Sectional Leader)
– Larissa Kaptijn (Lead Sectional Leader)


Anita Zengerink

Danielle de Boer

Marjo Alers

Anda van Stegeren

Bernadette Bouchier

Karen Kool

Jooske Hommes

Ineke van Eden

Larissa Kaptijn

Our board

The board is responsible for the ins and outs of SU. During the annual general meeting, the board members are appointed by the members for a period of 3 years.

From left to right:

– Anda van Stegeren (chairman)
– Karen Kool (Treasurer)
– Margaret Vonk-Archer (secretary)
– Christine Fontaine (board member)
– Letty Koopman (board member).

Anda van Stegeren

Margaret Vonk-Archer

Christine Fontaine

Karen Kool

Letty Koopman

Our Honorary Members – Nel and Nelleke

Nel en Nelleke

From longest member to biggest fan

Since the foundation of SU in 2013, Nel Tieman and Nelleke Jansen have been very active and cherished members of our chorus. We couldn't just let their 'retirement' from our chorus pass by. On Thursday 19 December 2019 we said goodbye to them in a festive way and 'crowned' Nel and Nelleke as our honorary members. Even though they no longer sing with us, they are – as our biggest fans – present at almost every SU performance.


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Rehearsal location

Village house Badhoevedorp
Snelliuslaan 35
1171 CZ 

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